WP PrimeStockz Plugin : Documentation & User Guide

PrimeStockz WP Plugin User Guide

Plugin Installation

1.) From your WP admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu -> Add New

2.) Click the "Upload Plugin" button

3.) Click "Browse" then locate the PrimeStockz main plugin ZIP file from your computer and upload it.

4.) Once the upload is finished, then activate the plugin.

After the you activate the plugin, navigate to the PrimeStockz menu on your WP Admin Dashboard

Image - Screenshot

Plugin Settings Panel

The plugin setting panel has 3 field options available:

1.) Affiliate Link field

2.) API Key field

3.) Cache Time field

 1.) Affiliate Link Field 

On this field you can enter your affiliate link, or ANY link you want.

If you leave the field blank, then the plugin will not hyperlink any Stock Data to any URL.

* What Are The Best Affiliate Programs In Stock Trading Niche?

There are several good affiliate programs such as eToro, Plus500Affiliates, The Motley Fool, etc.

But all depends on where you live at because each Stock Trading affiliate programs has different terms and might only accepts affiliates who live in certain countries too.

Check out our FAQs & Tips page for more details: https://topcryptoplugins.com/stockfillio-tips-support/

 2.) API Key Field 

To get API Key, sign up as FREE ACCOUNT here: https://marketstack.com/signup.

After you process the registration step, verify your email address & log in to the website.

You will get an API key instantly. Copy the key and enter it to the plugin setting page.

Image - Screenshot

 3.) Cache Time Field

This section allows you to select how long the plugin will store Stock data on every API request. If you have a Free Account at MarketStack then it is recommended to select the longest time-frame available.

Using The Plugin

After you fill in your API Key above, now you can start using the plugin!

Simply add these shortcode below anywhere inside your content (WP posts, pages, etc.)

[primestockwtp_amazon] ==> To display Amazon stock data

[primestockwtp_google] ==> To display Google (Alphabet, Inc) stock data

[primestockwtp_apple] ==> To display Apple stock data

[primestockwtp_microsoft] ==> To display Microsoft stock data

[primestockwtp_facebook] ==> To display Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc) stock data

Image - Screenshot

And the result will look like this:

Image - Screenshot

If you enter a URL on the "Affiliate Link" field, then all the Stock section above will be hyperlinked with your URL.

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