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CryptoDrakor WP Plugin User Guide

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Plugin Installation

1.) From your WP admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu -> Add New

2.) Click the "Upload Plugin" button

3.) Click "Browse" then locate the CryptoDrakor main plugin ZIP file from your computer and upload it.

4.) Once the upload is finished, then activate the plugin.

After the you activate the plugin, navigate to the Settings menu -> CryptoDrakor.

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Plugin Settings Panel

The plugin setting panel is divided into two sections: the Option section and the Content Generator section.

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For a start, you can jump to the Content Generator section right away.

Content Generator Section

On this section there are two buttons, when you click the Part 1 button then the plugin will create five pages for this Crypto coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Coin and Tether.

And when you click the Part 2 button then the plugin will create another five pages for this Crypto coins: Cardano, XRP, USD Coin, Polkadot and Uniswap.

Once you click the button, the plugin will generate Crypto trend content automatically.

After that you can navigate to Pages -> All Pages to see those newly created pages.

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And DONE.. Congratulations, you've just created live Crypto data trend content in just less than 5 minutes!

Those Crypto pages are great for SEO (more content for your website)..

They also provide valuable Crypto data for your website visitors and can be monetized with Buy/Sell affiliate button +PLUS Amazon affiliate ads too.

Google loves websites that constantly provide updated content, statistic data & latest information - and this plugin will make your WP site to fulfill that criteria :o)

Option Section

The Option section allows you to setup several options; such as adding your Changelly Affiliate Link (will be used for Crypto Buy/Sell button) and Amazon Affiliate link (will be used for related Amazon product ads).

If you want you can also choose to not display Crypto Buy/Sell button and/or Amazon product ads..

Because the monetization feature is 100% optional, the plugin still works even if you don't use the Changelly or Amazon monetization. The plugin creates WordPress pages which you can edit/customize easily and can be monetize using other plugins too if you want to.

How to Use the Built-In Crypto Affiliate Link Monetization?

The built-in Crypto monetization of the plugin is utilizing the Changelly affiliate program.

It's free to sign up and instant approval.
Here is the sign up link: https://changelly.com/earn/

After you have created an account at Changelly, you will have a unique affiliate ID which can be found from this URL: https://changelly.com/earn/tools/affiliate-link

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Once you have your affiliate/referral ID, copy it and paste it into the CryptoDrakor setting field:

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Yepp... But actually there are lots of potential your website gets from CryptoDrakor plugin.

You can customize every Crypto pages that the plugin created (maybe to add more paragraphs, drag & drop the content, etc.)

And CryptoDrakor also has 50+ of shortcodes that you can use/put on your other Posts/Pages.

For instance, whenever you want to display Crypto price and 24-hours changes you can put this shortcode:


Like this:

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The result of your Posts/Page content then will be like this:

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To see list of those 50+ available shortcodes, click the button below!

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