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CryptoDrakor Tips and Best Uses

Displaying  the Dynamic Content on Your Website

The plugin creates dynamic content as WP Pages which you can view from WP Admin -> Pages -> All Pages.

Now that the content has been created, it is up to you on how to display it on your website:

1.) You can display Crypto pages on your website header/footer using WP menus
2.) You can display the Pages list on widget sidebar
3.) You can utilize the available shortcode on your blogpost, like below:

Image - Demo

Cache API Interval

CryptoDrakor plugin uses API data from CoinGecko (https://www.coingecko.com/en/api) and 100% free - but they have rate limit of 50 requests/minute. Therefore if you have a high traffic website we suggest to leave the Cache API interval on default settings, which is 10 minutes. If you have less traffic website then you can go with lower settings like 5 minutes.

List of Shortcodes

* Replace xxx with the cryptocurrency symbol

Price and % Changes Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Crypto Logo and Icon Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Crypto Description Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Crypto Latest Price Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

24hrs Changes Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Table Stats Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Buy/Sell Affiliate Button Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

Amazon Ads Shortcode :


Example Result:

Image - Screenshot

List of Crypto Symbol

This Crypto symbol below allows you to customize the shortcode lists above for individual Crypto coins.

Example for the Crypto Logo shortcode: [cryptopages_pricestats_usd_xxx]

Replace the xxx with Bitcoin symbol to display Bitcoin logo and icon: [cryptopages_pricestats_usd_btc]

Crypto Name Shortcode Symbol
Bitcoin btc
Ethereum eth
Tether tether
Binance Coin bnb
USD Coin usdc
Cardano cardano
Dogecoin doge
XRP xrp
Uniswap uni
Polkadot dot

Extra Crypto Symbol for Platinum Version

CryptoDrakor Platinum supports 15+ more Cryptocurrency. Here is the list symbol for those extra Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Name Shortcode Symbol
AAVE aave
FTX Token ftx
Monero xmr
PancakeSwap cake
ShibaInu shib
Tron trx
Bitcoin Cash bch
ChainLink link
Dai dai
Internet Computer icp
Vechain vet
Litecoin ltc
Polygon matic
Solana sol
Stellar xml
Theta theta

CryptoDrakor FAQs & Troubleshooting

Can I edit the Crypto Pages that the plugin created?

Yes simply navigate to Pages menu -> All Pages, edit the Crypto Page that you want to customize. You can edit the page's title and its content too. For example, you can add more paragraphs, or remove unwanted CryptoDrakor section by deleting the shortcode on the content.

After Click the Button, The Content Doesn't Display Price Data?

Just wait for several seconds and refresh your browser again. The plugin might be still fetching API data from CoinGecko (https://www.coingecko.com/en/api). If this issue persists, please let me know here.

If I deactivate/uninstall CryptoDrakor, what will happen to the Pages it has created?

All pages will still remain on your WP site. Nothing will be deleted or removed unless you do it manually 🙂

I accidentally click the Create Crypto Pages button twice, what will happen?

Most probably there will be some duplicated pages. You can simply delete unwanted pages from Pages menu -> All Pages..

How to remove the "Price Changes" text above the Stats Table?

You can use this CSS code: h3.cryptopages-price-change {display: none;}

Just add that code from Appearance menu -> Customize -> Custom CSS.

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