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CryptoDrakor Platinum : Plugin Documentation

Plugin Installation

REMEMBER: CryptoDrakor PLATINUM requires the CryptoDrakor Prime/Primary plugin to be active. So before you install the Platinum version, make sure the Primary version is already installed and activated at your WP site 🙂

Once the Primary version is activated, then you can go install the Platinum version:

1.) From your WP admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu -> Add New

2.) Click the "Upload Plugin" button

3.) Click "Browse" then locate the CryptoDrakor PLATINUM plugin ZIP file from your computer and upload it.

4.) Once the upload is finished, then activate the plugin.

After the you activate the plugin, navigate to the Settings menu -> CryptoDrakor PLTNM, and you'll arrive at the CryptoDrakor Platinum plugin panel.

Image - Screenshot

Platinum Settings Panel

CryptoDrakor Platinum setting panel only has one section: the Page Creator section.

On this section there are three buttons.

Image - Screenshot

When you click the Part 3 button, the plugin will create five pages for this Crypto coins:
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Solana, Chainlink and Polygon.

When you click the Part 4 button, the plugin will create five pages for this Crypto coins:
Stellar, Dai, InternetComputer, Theta and Vechain.

And when you click the Part 5 button, the plugin will create six pages for this Crypto coins:
Tron, ShibaInu, PancakeSwap, Monero, FTX Token, and Aave.

Once you click the button, all Crypto pages will be created automatically.

After that you can navigate to Pages -> All Pages to see those newly created pages.

Image - Screenshot

And DONE.. Congratulations, you've just created more Crypto data pages in just less than 5 minutes!

Those Crypto pages are great for SEO (more content for your website), they also provide valuable Crypto data for your website visitors and monetized with Buy/Sell button +PLUS Amazon affiliate ads too.

Wow, Is That Really It?

Yepp... But actually there are lots of potential your website gets from CryptoDrakor plugin.

You can customize every Crypto pages that the plugin created (maybe to add more paragraphs, drag & drop the content, etc.)

And CryptoDrakor also has 100+ of more shortcodes that you can use/put on your other Posts/Pages.

For instance, whenever you want to display Crypto price and 24hours changes you can put this shortcode:


Like this:

Image - Screenshot

The result of your Posts/Page content then will be like this:

Image - Screenshot

To see list of those 100+ available shortcodes, click the button below!

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