GutenChief WP Plugin: TIPS & SUPPORT

GutenChief FAQS & Troubleshooting

Installation Failed: No Valid Plugins Was Found?

SOLUTION: Unzip/extract the download file. After you unzip/extract the download file there will be the plugin file and a PDF file inside. Then upload the plugin file to your WP website.

I've Added GutenChief Elements on A Post, But It Doesn't Show Up On The Post?

SOLUTION: It can happen if your hosting is using caching system, or your WP website is using a cache plugin. So to solve the problem, simply clear your website cache (either thru cache plugin, or thru your hosting).

My WP Website Is Still Using the Classic Editor Instead of Gutenberg?

SOLUTION: Disable the Classic Editor, because WordPress right now already using Gutenberg editor.

Can I Customize Each Elements with My Own Design/CSS?

ANSWER: Yes you can! Every block elements on GutenChief can be customized furthermore using CSS. Simply click the Block Elements, select Advanced -> Additional CSS :

Image - Screenshot

Can I Add Multiple GutenChief Elements In One Post/Page?

ANSWER: Yes you can. In one Post/Page you can have multiple Rating Box, multiple Countdown Timer, multiple Product Review box and so on.

How Many GChief Global That I Can Create?

ANSWER: There is no limit, you can create as many GChief Global Elements as you like.

For other questions please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist you more.

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